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Monday, September 8, 2014

GEOTREASURES - GOLD, NICKLE INDIUM AND MORE : Sabina's 1964 Geotour Revisited.

Anne Sabina was a remarkable geologist who was well ahead of her time when it came to a guide book on the geology of the New Brunswick Bay of Fundy coast and coastal Nova Scotia. Starting in St. Stephen, NB she systematically visited most of the important sites on her tour and provided detailed information on the rocks, minerals, precious stones, metals and more. Her guide included detailed directions to follow on the road. In those days there was no GPS so finding these sites was often dependent on how long the bushes have had to grow up. Indeed with changes in road locations, some of these sites may be exceedingly difficult to find. But this only adds to the joy of discovery and the mystery that is wrapped in time.

This guide covers Anne Sabina's sites in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Starting with the St. Stephen Nickle Mine and proceeding on to a local gold mine, some interesting road cuts and ending
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